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Case Studies

The following are just a few of our success stories, that we have accumlated over the years as cost managment advisors.  We are nowhere near finished, there are many more stories yet to be told, as there are many more businesses who need our help. To be continued...


A Nationwide Mattress Retail Corporation

In 2010, we collaborated with one of the largest mattress companies in the country, procuring the electricity and natural gas for all 1,800+ of their retail stores and warehouses. We were able to beat the competition, because we strategically aggregated all of their deregulated locations nationwide, using their entire energy footprint to obatin pricing pers State, instead of the typical State-by-State process. Afterwards, we worked with the chosen Provider to create and design an entirely new Customer Billing Platform, specifically tailored to integrate seemlessly into their current accounting processes. We also negotiated with the chosen Provider to have our client's marketing matierial inserted into all of their residential customer's monthly invoices, implementing a nationwide marketing campaign for our client, at no additional cost to them.


In 2015, we were fortunate to be giving the opportunity to compete in the bidding process of one of the largest Ceramic and Porcelain tile manufacturers/distributors in North America. From the very start of the process, we asked to meet with plant managers, and if available to be given a tour of their main operation. The client was previously on an "Energy Only" Product. Our job was to decide if this was the best product for our client, and after studying their usage trends, and calculating the math between the current product averages and the "all-fixed" averages, it was clear that the "Energy Only" product was the best choice. Customer saved $250,000+/Year by switching to Elect Energy on just their electricity procurement. Apart from the procurement, the customer had also asked about an employee & customer exclusive residential program. We negotiated and set-up our client's portal where all employees and customers can take advantage of this exclusive residential rate offers. Lastly, we helped our client incorporate their Tax-Free energy certificates, and we are working to incorporate Demand Response, Energy Management Systems (to decrease transmission/distribution charges - TDSP), and Natural Gas Procurement. 



Real Estate Management Group - Community complexes

In 2016, we worked with a real estate management group out of DFW, who operates 19 apartment complexes and senior living centers in Texas. When they came to us, their electricity situitation was in flux, with their communities on multiple contracts with different Providers, paying high rates and uneccessary fees. We re-organized their entire energy portfolio and CSA structure, saving them over $827,415 and creating a very lucrative revenue stream from negotiating new Marketing Agreements.

Deregulation of new markets - Sharyland utilities

Since May 2014, when Sharyland Utilites became open to electric choice, we have become one of the leading electricity consulting and brokerage firms for Irrigators in West Texas. We have helped over 100 customers, including some of the largest farming operations in the State, secure the lowest electricity overhead costs possible. We worked hard to educate them on deregulation and everything that it entails, and were their trusted partner throughout the turbulent tranistion. We made sure their electricity accounts and meters, were set up and classified properly, with no hidden fees or unessary pass through charges. We are constantly anaylsing their usage and auditing monthly invoices, to identify and resolve any discrepancies that are discovered.

Restaurant MAnagement Industry - franchisee

Since 2008, one of our largest and most important customer bases has been the restaurant owner. Because our roots are in the DFW and Houston area, and the booming restaurant industry that has developed in these parts, we have been lucky enough to  have contrbuted to the success of some of the most renowned brands and chains in the country. From the small, yet delcious Ma & Pa's, to the largesy national chains, we have done it all. We know the fast and busy enviroment of this industry and the hard work it takes to be successful, so we are here to help strengthen your bottom line and take the time to handle all your energy needs so you don't have to.

Independent School Districts - Municipalities

In 2010, we won the RFP for one of the largest Independent School Districts in the State of Texas, securing savings of almost $2.4 million per year in utility costs. We help them secure a new contract that was 3.101 cents per kilowatt hour cheaper than their previous agreement. During that time, School districts across Texas were anticipating budget challenges due to an antcipated $25 billion budget shortfall at the state level that could seriously harm public education, so this provided some significant help towards that challenge.


Medical Centers - Hospitals

In the Fall of 2015, Elect Energy engaged with one of Houston’s industry leading hospital groups. With both owned and managed assets Elect Energy saw huge opportunities for assistance at our first meeting. Over the course of 30 days we met with Facilities Teams as well as the Executive Management team to gain a better understanding of not only their current situation, but more importantly where they were going. With growth being at the helm, Elect Energy assisted in setting this client up with a future start contract that would change their procurement strategy plan forever. Elect Energy negotiated contract language with many suppliers specifically pertaining to Growth/Reduction clauses. When we were finished, our client was not only able to take advantage of the never before seen market prices, but able to couple that with the ability to add 60% growth over the life of the 48 month contract. This growth was not tethered to the immediate sites on the contract, and to date they’ve added 4 additional campuses with 2 more under construction currently.